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‘Sagars’ is another ordinary, and yet extraordinary family in several ways. At some time, the Sagar family was not so large, was extremely close knit and used to live under one roof. 

Over the years, the family has grown and grown. As is wont, its members have gone places in search of their own lives and careers. The family still remains close knit with much love, regard and happy memories bonding its members, irrespective of where they are today. 

This site is intended to provide a virtual roof to all the members as well as the to the related families, which are inextricably woven together. So much needs to be remembered and shared by all of us. This forum would enable the family to relive memories, record anecdotes and events, personalities and achievements, love and relationships and also to interact and connect everyone together once again – to share their news and moments. 

The site would, hopefully also provide a foundation for the newer generations to learn about their roots and relatives to foster love affection amongst themselves, as has been the hallmark and tradition within the Sagar family for years.

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